Writing for the Web 3.0 with Crawford Kilian

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As I read through Crawford Kilian's book, Writing for the Web 3.0, I found that my opinions and thoughts about the book changed from chapter to chapter. Depending on what I found within each chapter of the book, I either loved or strongly disliked the book at that point. The remaining links in this blog link to my individual blogs on specific section of the book.

Introduction & Chapters One and Two

The intro, chapter one, and chapter two were all interesting to me. The topics covered in these chapters helped me to understand Kilian's purpose for writing the book. They explained the way websites affect us and how users often browse through websites. I enjoyed these explanations because I felt that I was being taught necessary background information.

Chapters Three, Four, and Five

I found chapter three, the chapter on how to organize a website, to be mostly common sense. I didn't have any issues with the chapter, but all the information was commone sense for me. Chapter four found me a bit tired of the book. I was struggling to stay interested. With that said, I did find chapter four to be helpful. It gave good tips on grammar and how to write efficiently, especially for the web. Chapter five provided information on editing webtext. I found this chapter to be informative but information I've been learning all my life. This chapter would be good for people with less experience with computers.

Chapter Six

I was lost through chapter six. I'm not a writer for a corporate website, so I did not find personal value in this chapter. After I reread the chapter, I better understood what Kilian was saying. For a corporate website writer, this chapter is great. For me, it didn't hold much value.

Chapters Seven and Eight

Because of all the blogging required for the EL236 class with Dr. Jerz at Seton Hill University, I like the recognition given to blogs in chapter seven. The seperation of blogs into different genres was interesting. In chapter eight, I thought the different persuasion techniques were interesting. When writing for websites meant to persuade people, this chapter would be essential.

Exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

I liked the exercises because I was given a direct test to apply what I was learning in the book. Exercises 1, 2, and 3 were helpful because they allowed me to review main points about writing by applying them to webwriting. Exercises 4 and 5 allowed me to test my skills at editing text for the web and reviewing websites.

Book as a Whole

Overall, I found the book to be helpful. I think the reason I did not like certain parts of the book was because they were not really written for me. I was not the target audience for this book. Many of the things that I already know because I learned about them in school were given too much coverage in this book for me. The book itself was easy to read though. As much I like to say that the book covered things I already knew, there was a lot in the book that also helped me. While not all the sections of the book applied to me, I think this made the book more universal. What applied to me would not apply to others and vice versa. I think Kilian did an excellent job at including many different people into his audience.

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