Alpha Test Results

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Having classmates test my website in class was intimidating at first, but beneficial for helping me figure out what to do next. So thank you to Jessie and Aja for looking at my site.

After looking at my site, Aja and Jessie provided mostly the same comments:

  • Don't underline the word "Navigation." It leads users to believe it might be a link. I was trying to set apart the word so it did not blend it. I didn't even think about it looking like a link. So I'm going to italicize it, make it bold, or change the font size for that word.

  • My front page explains everything that I plan to do within the inside pages. These goals are shown in a list. Jessie said she would like the list to be links on the main page, instead of having to go to the side navigation.

  • Aja and Jessie both wondered where to find out what a Click to Give site is. I have a page for that, but my link is not working. They pointed this out for me.

  • Jessie said she liked the background and overall style of my page.

  • Besides these changes, I know I need to add more information to each page.

  • While the pages have style, I wanted to add more color. Everything I have is in black and white, so I wanted to add some color somewhere, probably to the background.

  • I also want to add more interest to the titles. Because the title is in a separate table cell in my coding, I will be able to change things such as borders on the heading.
The alpha testing was very helpful and I've already made some changes to my coding. This is  my page in it's alpha form. Any other suggestions or comments are welcome.

Classmates' Alpha Testing

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