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One of my guilty pleasures (it's helpful!) is click-to-give sites. These sites are dedicated to a cause and by clicking a certain button, you help to donate to that cause. The donations come from other sponsor sites. For my term project, I plan on making a website that explores these websites, informs more people about them, and explores the real use of the sites.

I've started to design a basic plan for my site. I know that it will include:

  • an introduction page.
  • a page explaining what click-to-give sites are and how they work.
  • a page that explains how much good the sites do.
  • a page to link to the various sites.
  • a page crediting my sources.

My target audience is every single person that uses the web. If they already use the web almost daily, it won't take much of out their schedule to visit a website to click a button.

The sites I'm looking at are:

  • The Hunger Site which includes The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Literacy Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Animal Rescue Site.
  • Care2

Any ideas and feedback are great!!




Maddie Gillespie said:

Quite the undertaking. I like it. I'm certainly not the best when it comes to designing sites, but I'll be more than happy to offer feedback for you any time ya need it. I'll confess though, that despite my constant web usage, I've never heard of click-to-give sites. I know, I know. You can stop the bug eyes now. Anyways, I'd recommend trying to keep this fact in mind: there really are everyday web users who surf in a proverbial bubble and really won't know what you're talking about. We don't mean any disrespect, we're just bubblized. Your project sounds exceptionally interesting, so good luck with it!

Aja Hannah said:

I love helping others! That's such a great idea and something you can use in your resume (if helping people is what you plan to do)

I'd also like to learn more about helping people, especially if it is only clicking a button and I may not have to donate money that I don't have. I actually didn't know about these click-to-give sites either, but hey! That's why your site will help!

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