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Third portfolio! Well ... not really. This happens to be my second and third portfolio for the class Writing for the Internet taught by Dr. Jerz at Seton Hill University. I'm combining them for certain reasons. Moving on...

I really feel that, all things considered, I'm learning a lot in this class. This section of class, I learned a lot about websites and what is useful and what is not. Creative hypertext and interactive fiction games are both things I have never encountered before. It was interesting to interact with these types of internet writing and learn more about them.

Want to know more about what I've been doing? Read on. Because of the large amount of blogs that will have to be covered in this portfolio, I will try not to reference each of them more than once.


There were two different books that we took a look at in this section of the class. These are my overall reviews for each book.


These blogs demonstrate my ability to include quotes from the reading, the source of the reading, and a post back to the assignment page.


These blogs were posted on time! Being sick, my timeliness slipped around a bit, but there is certainly some work that was submitted on time! YAY!


These blogs prove my ability to interact with the others in the classroom by attracting comments from them.


Want me to write in depth? Go a little bit further than I had to? Since I missed a bit of the blogging on time, I chose to make up for that by writing some more indepth blogs!


These are blog entries belonging to my classmates where I added to their blog by making a comment. Enjoy!


Blogs that were written during this time period but really didn't fit into a category.


Assignment Post


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