I, You, We Stir Fry!

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Now that I had perused five different texts for at least 5 minutes each, I chose two to look at in more depth.

The first one I investigated was Stir Fy Text. Because there were five different sections within this game. There was a lot to explore.

The first, Log, was interesting because it had a strong connection to self. It starts with five different times. Under each time is a short description, five sentences each, about what is happening to the person. These short descriptions do not reveal big details, but instead are able in invoke emotion within the reader. The writer seems to be searching for something, possibly finds it, and loses. He seems to be in a perpetual state of waiting, no matter what is happening. Running my mouse over the text, some of the original writing is preserved, and new things are added. Each time, different words seem to convey the same emotions, despair and waiting.

The second text, Spastext, starts with a description of writing. It does not matter who does the work, who gets credit for the work. It matters that extraordinary writing is done and made available to everyone. As I ran the mouse over the text and read other sections, it seemed that this ever changing paragraph really deals with individuality. While it may not matter who did that wonderful piece of writing, the writer wants credit. A part of the writer is in that work. We each, just as writers and artists, have the ability to 'create' part of our own individuality.

The third text, Blue Hyacinth, seems to deal with a woman. This woman is dealing with the pain of not meaning to the man she wants/has what he means to her. I truly did not understand this one at all. I spent a bit of time with it, but the descriptions of music recording, nightclubs, and fire alarms did not fit together for me.

The fourth text, Correspondence, was interesting because there was more than one text to change within this individual site. By clicking the icon at the bottom, I rotated through out five different 'e-mail letters' sent by different individuals. By rolling over these e-mails, the sender would change, as would the content.

The fifth text, Divine Mind Fragment Theater, was really interesting because, just like Correspondence, there were different texts to start with that could be rotated through. It was really interesting because the text started as a paragraph from a published work. There were three different paragraphs. By rolling over the text and changing it, what happened was that different parts of each paragraph were merged into the one. You could start with any of the three paragraphs you liked, but soon, you would be looking at parts of all three, merged into one.

I really like the idea of Stir Fry Text. I was able to create many different stories and paragraphs just by moving my mouse.

The second game I looked at with more depth was I, You, We. This game rotated around the word, or letter if you prefer, I. The words you and we were thrown throughout the space along with a mish mash of many other words. I spent a lot of time looking at all the different words. I actually tried to write a lot of them down:

impair, nobble, contrive, consult, drool, flake, rejuvinate, turnover, splice, employ, glimpse, bedeck, purify, suggest, sponge, reoffend, pontificate, elope, remind, adjourn, permeate, psych, squish, unfasten, bargain, vent, rumble, cripple, picket, dismantle, reunify, stomach, reject, tempt, slag, manufacture, fudge, gatecrash, waft, pilot, rationalize, benchmark, evangelize, prick, farm, reconvene, befoul, rehearse, edit, dispossess, juxtapose, evaporate, prevent, deviate, engender, reinterpret, limber, spoon, replicate, propound, outwit, backtrack, censor, spurn, expend, amuse, torpedo, rage, boot, riffle, dominate, flash, rescind, suffice, overdose, superimpose, preside, devalue, gloss, disown, gush, promote, pillage, resubmit, claw, chuck, misbehave, photocopy, paralyse, lip, seal, revert, excavate

There were a lot more words within this site than I even realized. What I liked best were the emotions that can be invoked by words. Just by looking at all of these words on the screen, I could feel many different things. Memories were brought up, feelings I have past experienced. I loved the simplicity, but intensity, of this site.

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