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After finishing Steve Krug's book, Don't Make Me Think, I have come to one strong conclusion: I certainly, without a doubt, loved this book. Krug's book is geared towards users who need help making their site as usable as possible... preferably without spending much of anything. I found that a very useful angle to take.

Krug stresses how important it is to avoid making your users think. Users should be able to wiz right through a website without having to ponder the meanings of links and words. The setup should be clear and concise, no extra clutter. Links should be clear so that a user is confident in the fact that they are clicking through to where they want to be. More clicks are allowable, as long as those clicks are getting the user to the correct place.

Krug does talk a lot about how useful usability testing is. It should be done no matter what. Don't have a large budget? Hey, that's ok! Do it for free! Use your friends! ... or people willing to do it for free. The main point is that a designer can do usability testing no matter how much or how little money he or she has to spare.

The one thing I didn't like about Krug is that for all the paper he uses talking about how great usability testing is, there is not much information about how to conduct usability testing. Sure, there are a few tips along the way, but not much information is given on how to actually do it.

Overall, Krug's book was great. It was simple and fast to read, easy to understand, and enjoyable too. Krug uses wit and quotes to keep his readers entertained.

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