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Seton Hill University versus Saint Vincent College.
No. We're not here to debate the academics, food, dorm rooms, or sports teams of these two colleges. This is where we examine the strengths and weaknesses of the Wikipedia pages of each college... a much more interesting topic.

After reviewing each page, I could tell that the Wikipedia articles for Seton Hill University and Saint Vincent College were very different. Seton Hill's entry focused on the degree programs and the clubs available at the university. St. Vincent's article had a heavy focus on the history and traditions of the college.

Because each article had a strong focus in one general area, there was information lacking from each. Seton Hill's page has a bit of history, but not as much as St. Vincent's article. St. Vincent's Wikipedia article has a good bit of information about the history and traditions of the school, but it fails to mention what the school has to offer.

I went on to browse the Discussion page for each article. I could not figure them out. I could not figure out where the talking and discussing took place. Because I could not find where the talking was happening, I could not determine what was being talked about. I thought that these pages might be interesting, but because I had no luck in figuring out how to work the pages, I'm left wondering.

I then went on to the History page for each college's Wikipedia entry. This was very interesting. On this page, I could see that revisions are made to the pages at least once a month. Sometimes there were multiple revisions made within a month, a week, or even a day.

Overall, this showed me that Wikipedia doesn't have everything. What SHU's article had, SVC's didn't and vice versa. The information there was helpful, but not enough depending on what the user is looking for.

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