University of Emotion

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Here is my soul made of layered language.
You smashed it against the wall that night of hallucinations.
And when I pry open my eyes, a long-beaked mask in the vague darkness nibbles at my clenching hands.

The University of Yellow Wallpaper by c. e. white

I found The University of Yellow Wallpaper to be a really interesting interactive fiction. The language used within the writing, as shown by the above excerpt, is very rich. I really liked reading each page individually. Together, I'm not sure how the different pages fit together. The only connections I saw between the pages were a strong reference to the emotion the writer was feeling.

I like that the links to the pages I had already visited were shown as pink instead of the original yellow. This helped me to discover more of the story in a shorter amount of time. I did not have to waste time exploring the pages I had already been at.

E. B. White definitely uses hypertext to acheive a new effect that could not be found on paper. The links emphasize certain descriptions. Those few words seem more important. They jump out at the reader. Because the writing has a feeling of insanity to it, the hyperlink medium helps to convey that feeling to the reader. Each click takes the reader further and further into the maze that is this person's mind. The writing backtracks to reference ideas presented before. This makes even more connection to the feeling of insanity, of running in circles.

Because there was no real storyline to follow, it was ok to jump from one section to the next. There was no specific timeline running through the story so it made it ok to access the story sections in any random order.

I think this story was very effective as a hypertext. The lack of a firm story line made jumping around possible. The many links within the text made the feeling of insanity much more readily accessible to the reader. That effect could not have been achieved the same way in a print novel.

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