Wikipedia Rules! ...Well, they have rules.

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Wikipedia's Key Policies and Guidelines article gives very intersting insight into the workings of Wikipedia. It was interesting that Wikipedia clearly stated:
You don't need to read any Wikipedia policies before you contribute. However, the following policies are particularly important to the project, and the sooner you understand and use them, the better.
Wikipedia has the policies there to be guidelines but the site does not find it necessary for a contributer to red the policies before diving in to add information.

So. Wikipedia has guidelines and policies. But the policies don't need to be looked at? The guidelines don't need to be perused before adding to an entry? Granted, even if Wikipedia required that the guidelines be read, many people would not read them anyway. There is no way to enforce that. But Wikipedia blatantly says that it is not necessary for a contributer to read the policies. It is helpful to read the policies, but that is mentioned in the second sentence which most users probably don't even get to after reading that they are not required to read Wikipedia's guidelines.

Wikipedia's policies have been summarized into basic points which Wikipedia calls the Five Pillars.
  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. References for all information must be provided. There is to be no original research included.
  • Wikipedia has a neutral point of view. Articles must present all view points accurately or none at all.
  • Wikipedia is free content. Anyone may edit the information. No individual controls any particular articles.
  • Wikipedia has a code of conduct. A degree of respect should be held for all other Wikipedia users. Edit wars and personal attacks should be avoided.
  • Wikipedia does not have firm rules. Perfection is not required. All previous versions of an article are saved, so there is no need to worry about permanently altering an article.
Overall, I found Wikipedia's rules to be helpful since I'm rushing off to edit articles. Wish me luck!

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