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After last class, Monday November 24, I got a lot of help to better my website. Because Andy reviewed my website for class, he gave me a lot of tips to make my website better.

After hearing Andy's critiques, I changed:
  • the navigation bar
  • the headings
  • the links
Reviewing Dena's and Andy's sites also gave me more ideas for mine.

I know there are more changes that would improve the site.

My Term Project


I think your website is outstanding. The only thing I don't like is that while I hover my mouse on the navigation bar, the whole page looks like "shark", because the text columns do not separate, so if the font-size change in the left column, it will also effect the right size. However, it is kinda cool as well.

Good job, well done.

Jed Fetterman said:

Your website is good, all of the information is clear and concise. I really like how it looks on my laptop, everything is spaced very well and it gives my a nice calm feeling to see everything uncluttered. I guess that is my zen moment. I also like how the link at the bottom of each page takes you to the next page in order. It is nice not to return to the home page every five seconds. The one thing that I did not like is what Aero said, I think. When you scroll over a link, it becomes bold, messing up the sizes of everything. Other than that, you have a very good website.

Aja Hannah said:

You may have already noticed this, but on the Click to Give Sites page the navigation bar is off. It's a litle ways down the screen instead of right where it belonged.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I just thought I would give you a few suggestions:

On your sources page, maybe use the word “found” instead of “got.” I dunno if this is just my English major instinct kicking in, but it would just sound more professional.

Your sub-pages also seem rather short. Maybe add a little more writing, because it seems to stop abruptly. At this point, you could probably combine a few pages into one without making it looked too cluttered, so maybe expand a little?

On your homepage of the website, it kind of bothers me that on the nav_bar, you use ? at the end of your links, but do not in the center of the page, where you also list the links. If I were you, I would make these two the same. Again, I think that would make it look a bit more professional.

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