More Than I Hoped For

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It's over. Those two simple words now describe my Writing for the Internet class. This class was much more than I was expecting and hoping for. When I walked in to sign up for classes on my orientation day, they sat me down at Dr. Jerz's table. He walked me through choosing a few classes I had to take, and then he introduced me to a class of his, Writing for the Internet. I decided to take the class. I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it definitely was not what I got.

These are some of the main things I got out of this class.
  • Blogging - I was not expecting blogging. I'm not sure if it was mentioned, or if I chose just to ignore it, but I don't remember having to blog being in the description of this class. At times it frustrated me, but I really did enjoy the blogging. It was such a great way to respond to the reading and assignments. I felt that I could say what I wanted, how I wanted to. It felt much more personal than writing a three page essay response.
  • Web Design - I didn't think we would be designing and uploading websites. I've had a bit of previous experience with HTML, but nothing like this. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that HTML really is writing for the web in it's basest form. If I can't code a page, there's no way I can put my writing on the web without using someone else's coding. Writing code is what writing for the internet is.
  • Web Appropriate Text - This is all that I thought the class would cover. The tips and corrections I received in this section of class were great. Reading on the computer is much different than reading an essay, a magazine, or a book. There are so many different techniques that people use when reading something on the Internet. Knowing that most people don't scroll unless forced to, that they don't read huge chunks of text, and that they find bulleted lists helpful are all things that I did not realize about writing specifically for the internet.
  • Usability Testing - I never knew what usability testing was, and now I realize that it is a vital part of designing a website. Without this testing, no website is ready to be published on the web. Knowing how to conduct usability testing really helped me in my final project.
  • Creative Hypertexts - This was such an interesting part of the class. I've never encountered stories on the web in this format or interactive fiction. While I got frustrated with both quite easily, it was interesting to have the chance to code something I'd never even heard of before.
This final portfolio covers my work for my term project. For my term project I chose to write a website that explores Click to Give sites. These blog entries covered my progress through my project.
Through this project, I also helped with the projects of others.
I gave suggestions and encouragement to
I was a tester for
  • Jessie - I tested her game for the alpha testing.
  • Andy - I looked at his site and then gave him individual suggestions.
  • Aero - I looked at his site after he e-mailed me the link and sent him my critique.
  • Jed - I played his game for beta testing.
  • Dani - I used her site for alpha testing.
  • Denamarie - I did the same for her site that I did for Andy's.
I think I liked this section of the class best. We each chose what we wanted to work on. Then we all helped each other to come up with the best final project possible. I thought it was a great display of classmates helping each other and working to our potential.

Other's final thoughts on the class.

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