Term Project ... A Final Look

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After completing my
  • alpha testing
  • Andy testing
  • beta testing
  • and what I would like to call my brutal friend testing
I feel that I've truly completed a good website. Each step of my testing and editing brought new aspects to my site that enhanced it in some way.

After my presentation I realized that I had forgotten to mention a few things about my site. Overall, this is what I worked on.
  • My side navigation bar. I had to adjust different things about the links and I had to move it to the top.
  • The writing. I worked on keeping my descriptions and explanations short and to the point so that each page was not filled with text.
  • Choosing the right font. At the beginning of the process, I had a lot of difficulty with this because I like fonts that look different. Finally, I settled on using Arial for the body. It is a common font because it is easy to read. I chose a more interesting font for the headings and titles.
  • Tables. Because I had lost all of my coding for previous sites on my flash drive, I had to start from scratch. I had not used tables before in making a website, but I chose to employ that technique for this site. At first, it was hard to understand, but once I got the hang of things it made my site easier to edit in the long run.
  • Research. I had to do a bit of research on Click to Give sites so I could understand how they worked. I knew of a few sites that I used, but I wanted to find more to recommend to my readers.
  • Color. The main design of my site is black and white, so I wanted to add some color in somewhere. I attempted to used light colored backgrounds, but it didn't look right. Finally, I settled on adding color to the main and individual headings.
My final project. Enjoy.

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