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Goals for the Final Release:
  • fix the faulty links that are bold and mess up the page
  • fix the positioning of my side navigation bar
  • adjust the positioning of the heading of the individual pages
  • put credit information for the pictures I used on the site
  • combine my last two inner information pages into one
  • conduct another usability test before release to check if I missed anything
  • fix the errors found in the final test
For my term project, I am creating a website dedicated to educating visitors on what Click to Give sites are. My hope is that after browsing my site, users will come away with an understanding of what Click to Give sites are. I am aiming to gain more users of Click to Give sites because these sites are set up for donations to reputable charities.

After the alpha testing, I realized many things could be changed about my site. Many of the issues were with the links on my page. The heading for my navigation bar was underlined, leading users to believe that it may be a link to a separate page. I was trying to set the heading apart not thinking about how the links within the navigation bar would also be underlined. One of my testers requested that the explanations of the inner pages on the home page be links to those particular pages. It was an idea that I had thought of but had not gotten around to. My testers also pointed out that some of my links were broken.

The main point of the page is the information it contains. While I had not added any information to a few of my pages, I knew that I had to edit the writing I had completed. Some of my writing was not in the right format for the internet. I had to cut down on the amount of writing and add bullets that made the text easier to read.

Finally, the last thing I had to focus on concerning my page was the design. Most of the page is in black and white, so I wanted to add backgrounds that would add color to the page. The titles themselves were pretty boring. I decided that I would add a border to each heading.

Between the alpha release and the beta release, I changed a few things. Andy critiqued my site as part of class. From his comments, I was able to better a few things on my site. I changed the headings, so that the largest heading on the page stayed the same. I then added a smaller heading exclusively for each individual page. I changed the navigation bar so that the link to the page the user was currently on would be inactive and bold.

After I changed all of these things, I conducted a beta test. The version I released for the beta testing was pretty close to being done. The results I got from the beta testing were taken from two students in class and two people outside of class. I received many of the same comments from the four individuals. The most common thing I heard was that all of the links were messing up the page when hovered over. I have the links set to become bold when hovered over. When this happens, the rest of the font on the page can flicker and change position. All of my testers thought that it should be changed. Another problem my testers found was that the side navigation bar is vertically centered. This becomes a problem when the page is longer because the navigation bar seems to disappear when it has really only moved down the page. The testers thought my content was good though because it was short and to the point. They also liked the overall design of the site.

So far, I am pleased with how my site is coming along. I think I have enough time to make the changes I would like to.

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