I Carry Any Heaven with Annabel Lee

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This title, I thought, was an amusing combination of the podcasts that I covered for this week, simply as a way to show where my brain is…must be the fact that someone comes home tomorrow… :)

Here are some notes that I took on two podcasts by fellow classmates of American Lit…

Annabel Lee - Edgar Allan Poe

o   Set with fairy tale setting - “It was many and many a year ago in this kingdom by the sea that a maiden once lived whom you may know by the name of Annabel Lee”

§  Idea of quest that I discussed in my class poetry reading

o   Mentioning of necrophilia

§  Strange, because I did think about it, but did not consider a poem written about a lost love to be that grueling

o   Said to be written about Virginia

§  This point would seem obvious seeing as how Virginia did die two years before the writing.

Deana Kubat

I carry your heart with me - e.e. cummings

o   Edward Cummings

o   Harvard

o   Studied Greek and other languages

If there are any heavens, my mother will - e.e. cummings

o   Not pansy heaven, or fragile of lily-of-the-valley

o   Few pauses with line breaks

o   Black red roses - contradicting colors to the theme of Heaven

It was a very interesting experience to see how my fellow student viewed works that I have known for a long time.  Both of the two that I reviewed brought up points that I have considered but never would have brought up for fear of being too controversial.

I guess the whole point I am getting at is that I should REALLY step out of my shell and make bigger assumptions more often! :)

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