The Roan Not Taken (Robert Frost)

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In The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, I found the first two lines of the third stanza to be of imprtance:

"And both that morning equally lay

 In leaves no step had trodden black,"

I believe Frost is trying to convey that although we may think we have the choice to take the road less traveled or to follow the crowds, none of this really matters. Ultimately, we create who we are by the choices we make; things only have meaning because we choose them. We must make a choice to the exclusion of all others, and no one can make our choices for us. Thus, the choices of those who came before us are irrelevant. I believe both of the roads appear equal and untrodden because we can never really know what will result because of the choices we make; furthermore, the future hardly ever entails what we project, and choices do not follow a path. Rather, choices deviate and lead you in different directions. If choices did follow a path, we would all be cookie cutter individuals with patterns of similar histories. Ultimately, taking the road less traveled by involves the series of choices that make us our unique selves, and creating who we are is what makes all the difference.  


Matt Henderson said:

I like your interpretation of this. A lot of people tend to interpret the line "I took the one less traveled by" to mean that the actual physical road itself was not traveled by many people, but this is contradicted by line 10 stating that both roads appear to be traveled about the same. However, because the speaker's path consists of numerous choices between diverging roads it is unlikely that a great many people have made the exact same series of choices the speaker made. No two people are exactly alike; we've all made a huge amount of decisions, and while we may have some decisions in common with other people, we'll never have everything in common. So in that sense, everyone is traveling the road "less traveled by," because no one will ever have all of your experiences in common with you.

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