Starry-Eyed Popularity Seekers

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"An eternity of minutes later, riding down-town through the late afternoon beside Warren, the others following in Roberta's car close behind, Bernice had all the sensations of Marie Antoinette bound for the guillotine in a tumbrel. Vaguely she wondered why she did not cry out that it was all a mistake. It was all she could do to keep from clutching her hair with both hands to protect it from the suddenly hostile world. Yet she did neither. Even the thought of her mother was no deterrent now. This was the test supreme of her sportsmanship; her right to walk unchallenged in the starry heaven of popular girls."

This quote reminds me of everything that anyone will do just for that little taste of popularity, or acceptance.  In high schools and on college campuses, you hear reports of hazing and acceptance rituals that can be anything from just humiliating to dangerous.  People do some stupid things to feel like they're accepted, and Bernice basically changed the entirety of her personality just to be a bit more well-liked by the boys.  While Bernice bobbing her hair may not be dangerous or humiliating, it's something that Bernice obviously does not want to do, but it willing to do just for that taste (and to prove Marjorie wrong), only to find out later that it wouldn't work.  As soon as her hair was cut, Warren brought his attention back to Marjorie and Bernice herself seemed to deflate, almost.  You see a completely different Bernice after her hair is bobbed, although I don't really blame her: a bad haircut can do wonders to your personality.


Jessie Farine said:

Yeah, it is odd how people can go through great lengths to be accepted. I watched a video about hazing, and in the Russian military they would kick and punch new recruits repeatedly in their barracks, and people die of course. Human beings tend to be a gregarious bunch, I guess.

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