Are YOU a Book or a Magazine Person?

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"Book people sit on a plane, spending the whole trip with a novel; magazine people scoop up every free periodical available on the plane and spend the trip reading, skimming, flipping pages, assimilating information ...  Book people listen to National Public Radio to get a high-level sense of what's going on in the world, and maybe they'll reuse the day's paper; magazine people listen to talk radio and consume information wherever they can get it: periodicals, TV and radio, the Internet, research reports, talking to people, and more" (Lemire, ch 5, 103-104).

When I was reading how Lemire classified "Book people" and "magazine people", I found myself being pulled in both directions.  I know that when I'm on a plane (and I'm on one a lot since I fly home every break) as soon as I'm buckled into my seat, I immediately pull out my novel (normally a brand new one) and my nose is buried in the pages, only stopping when the stewardesses bring out the the little bags of snack mix.  I'd rather have one story line entertaining me on a plane, so that way I don't have to move around a lot and annoy my seat-mate.   However, when it comes to learning new information, I am definitely more of a magazine person.  I can honestly say I've never listened to NPR and I rarely read the newspaper.  I check the Internet sites multiple times a day, watch the news, and talk to people.  I'd rather get my information from something that's much more entertaining, than the normally cut-and-dry NPR and newspapers.

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