How Old is Too Old?

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"You better take it easy, baby, she told herself, you're too young to bust your gears.  Thirty-four wasn't old, wasn't any age at all" (O'Connor, A Stroke of Good Fortune, pg 71).

I found it amusing that throughout the entire story there was a huge focus on Ruby's age and dying.  (I also found it odd and amusing that this short story of O'Connor's didn't end sadly, but that's another blog entry entirely.)

Today, both men and women are far too obsessed with age and time and clocks.  Women's biological clocks seem to tick down faster and faster every year.  Every week, it seems, there is a new anti-wrinkle cream or some other type of makeup that will minimize age lines.  I know I ring up tons of hair dye and face-lift creams and other things that are supposed to work miracles on your skin everyday at work.  While some people are saying that 40 is the new 30, I think that women are still terrified to hit the big 3-0.  I'm going to be turning 20 on my next birthday (November!) and I feel old just thinking about leaving the teen years.  But it's interesting that even when O'Connor was writing, that society was still incredibly focused on age and staying young as long as possible.  I guess it's nice to know that our society is just as (or more) focused on looks and eternal beauty as they were generations ago.


Juliana Cox said:

You are truely right about society and the focus to remain looking younger longer. Today's society is obsessed with all the drugs and medical procedures that you can get just to make yourself look younger. I personally think that if you are young on the inside then that is all that matters. Especially when you have kids. If you ever notice that when people start having kids their younger side is brought about because you give that child attention by playing silly games and laughing with them on a regular basis. I feel that laughter is what keeps everyone young.

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