Teaching Kids to Love Reading...

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"Knowledge of a subject - even expertise in a subject - does not, alone, qualify you to be a teacher: excellent, good, or mediocre.  And just because you enjoy reading and writing does not mean you're going to enjoy teaching it or be any good teaching it" (Lemire, ch 2, pg 13). 

This quote really got me thinking and wondering if I'm actually going to be any good at teaching high school English.  I know by the time I graduate, I'll have great knowledge of the subject of English.  And I love to read and write. I can only hope that by the time I take all of my education courses and finish my student teaching, that I'll be great at teaching English and then I can hopefully pass on my love of reading and writing to my future students.  Because that's why I want to be an English teacher - so that I can influence students to love to read and write like my junior English teacher did.


Kaitlin Monier said:

I am also studying to be a high school English teacher and I have been having the same doubts as you. I would love to teach students about writing and reading, but am I cut out for teaching?

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