Vindicated - More Than Just a Good Dashboard Confessional Song

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"The Misfit, then, wants not only to understand the mystery of evil he feels, but also, somehow, to be justified in the face of it.  He wants justice as well as knowledge, and also to be liberated from his predicament. The deisre itself is good; the Psalms exalt the human longing for a world of justice and constancy (Pslam 96).  However, the Misfit seems more interested in personal vindication rather than communal justice" (Desmond, 'Flannery O'Connor's Misfit and the Mystery of Evil')

I think a good close reading helps you look at a story from a different perspective and gets you to see a different side of a character or a situation and for me, this reading did help me.  When I read A Good Man is Hard to Find, I saw the Misfit as a character who may be fighting with his own inner demons, but as a bad guy in general.  I never saw it that he might be looking for justification for his sins or that he's more interested in personal vindication than anything else. 

I really do understand close readings better now. :)


While I do agree with you that Desmond brought out the good side of the Misfit, I feel that Desmond's claim was somewhat weak. It was obvious that the Misfit was evil, but the stronger argument was that the Misfit was also good.

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