A Continued History of Blogging

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When I first began this blogging experience for Intro to Lit Study, I thought it would be the biggest waste of my time -- surely, I thought, this was a torture device created to eat up my already tight time schedule.  However, through being forced to blog and reading other people's blogs I find that I am able to gain insight into what I may have missed in a reading, or be amused by some people's rants, or enjoy a view different from mine.  This second portfolio is a summary of my blogging experience since mid-February.

Being able to quickly identify which entry goes to which homework assignment is important -- and useful as I found while doing this portfolio.  These entries all include links that go back to the course webpage and the homework assignment.

These blogs were posted 24-hours or more earlier than their due date.

These blogs all have comments from other people, and one where I replied to a comment left by another person.

This part of the semester, I've really tried to delve deeper into the readings and write longer, more thoughtful blog entries than just a quick response the reading.  These are a few examples.

For our homework, in addition to reading and blogging, we also have to comment on other classmates' blogs.  I will admit -- I have been slacking lately in writing comments, which is something I'm going to really try to fix for the ending portion of the semester.

Also, something else I found interesting, as pointed out to me by Dr. Jerz.  Some random person out there in "the real world" found my blog "Agreeing With Lemire: Too Good To Be True?" and talked about it on their blog.  I found it kind of creepy, but at the same time, it was extremely interesting that something I wrote sparked interest in some random person's mind.

My Other Entries:

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