Practice Makes Perfect... Right?

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" 'The use of commas cannot be learned by rule.'  Such was the opinion of the great Sir Ernest Gowers; and I have to say I find that a comfort, coming from the grand old by himself.  However, rules certainly exist for the comma" (Truss 82)

I have to say, I do somewhat agree with the quote in a quote.  While it's good to know the rules of when to properly use a comma and when to not use a comma, I find that the best way to learn how to do use something or do something is to just go out there and do it.  The only way you're going to learn to use a comma is to actually write things that use commas, like a list.  You can never practice something enough, right?  That's why we had to write that sonnet, so we can practice.  The same goes with commas (and the rest of grammar as well).


Greta Carroll said:

Ally, you are right, practice certainly does help. But to me the part of your quote that is more interesting is the ambiguity of how to use commas. Yes, you can practice using commas, but to a degree, there is no right and wrong. One person may not put comma at a place where you would. This kind of frustrates me in some ways, because I’d like there to be a right answer. But, as usual in English, things can never be that simple. I guess if I want one simple answer I should have majored in Math (and that idea certainly does not please me).

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