Adios Seton Hill and Introduction to Literary Study

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The Final Portfolio

This is a bittersweet moment, I guess.  I have 5 days until I'm no longer a freshman.  I also only have 5 days left to revel in the feeling that I'll be a student on a campus where I actually know most people I see and I know where everything is.  As these final 5 days wind down, I'm going to enjoy being a Seton Hill student, even if it is for the last time.  I'm leaving all of you, and heading back to the Land of Lincoln (Illinois, for those of you who don't know where Abraham Lincoln is from) to become a student a Illinois State University, which is actually one of the best schools for education in my lovely state.  So this is my farewell to all of you.  I have learned tons in this semester.  I've learned that you'd best do your work on time, or you could be up past three in the morning catching up on blogs or readings.  I've learned how not to write a sonnet.  I've learned that not all assigned readings are horribly painful.  And I've learned that even if you hate the reading or writing assignment (*coughresearchpapercough*) that you'd better buckle down and do it, rather than just procrastinate further by writing things that don't pertain to your class.  (And don't worry, Dr. Jerz, you didn't scare me away from Seton Hill.  I had already decided to transfer before I saw the 10+ books on the list for the class)

Coverage:  In all of my blogs, I have made sure to include a direct quotation, with the correct citation as well as a link back to the homework entry on our course website.

Timeliness: So I'm not known for doing my work well in advance.  But for a lot of these blogs, I didn't actually wait till the last minute, but finished them in the afternoon before the next day's class:

So, another thing I'm not great at is going back to my blogs after I've posted them and reading what other people have commented.  I know I don't go back to blogs that I have commented on and looked to see if other people have replied to my comment, so I doubt other people here do, too.

I tried for more depth with my entries lately.  I'm trying to think intelligently and relate things I've learned in this class and others to the readings.  These are a couple of blogs where I feel I achieved good depth:

I've really tried to leave good comments on people's blogs and comment on people's blogs where I would be the first person to leave a comment, so I could say something original.


Farewell Seton Hill, and farewell fellow English majors.  I shall miss you.


I'm glad that EL150 is part of your memories, and I wish you well on the journey that leads to your future. Thank you for your contributions to the class, your candor, and your openness.

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