An Evolution of Class Participation

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American Literature 1915 - present is a class that challenges its students in and out of class. Outside of class, we are required to read and connect with other students via blogging. During the first half of the semester, I used blogging as a substitute for actual class participation. Shy by nature, I was reluctant to speak up in class and tended to keep my interaction limited to the blogging. As I became more comfortable with my interpretation of the literature and my classmates, my blogging ceased to be my only outlet of participation. More of my blogs were limited so a paragraph or two (more people read them when they're shorter anyway) and I shared more thoughts in class discussion.


Coverage and Timeliness -

"A Historical Lense"

"Description: The Key to Connection" 

"Beating: Musical or Physical"

"Mixed Emotions"

"It's the Cause and Ultimate Source of Hope"

"The Blind Who Should be Leading the Really Blind"


Timeliness - I am proud to say I blogged and commented on time every week. This links to some of my comments. My blogs above were on time as were all those listed in "Depth" and "Interaction."

"Even the Gray is Black...and White" - Christopher Dufalla

"Making Sense of the Myths" - Aja Hannah

"Some Things Never Change" - Jennifer Prex


Interaction - Interacting with peers in an online format, though not still new, is still difficult. Without being able to read body language or hear what they have to say, I am relcuntant to engage them in "conversation."

"Mixed Emotions" 

"Naivety and Failure"

"Social Conditioning"


Depth -

"Concealed Reality" 

"A Watery Mess"

"Invisible Man: Embodiment of Emerson's Ideals"

Even though these two blogs are shorter than those listed above, I believe they are also in depth interpretations of the literature. If their length does not qualify them, their content does. The topics are not superficial.

"Over Their Heads"

"Combo Meal?"


Creativity: Though "creavity" is not a topic that is assigned for this portfolio, I chose to include it because I want to include my Creative Excercise Assignment. For this assignment, I chose to write a missing chapter from The Grapes of Wrath that describes Connie's life after leaving the Joad family.

"Grapes of Wrath: Chapter 20 1/2"



"Vein, Greed and 'Perfection" - Nikita McClellan

"The Future Isn't Set in Stone" - Jennifer Prex

"The Trouble with Bugs and Coffee Grinds" - April Minerd

"What is Going On?" - Josh Wilks


Other Portfolios


Yes, I noticed that you were talking more, though I wasn't aware that you connected it so closely to your development as a blogger. If this were an online class, then of course I would have wanted to see you sustain the depth of your blogs, but since the purpose of the blogging is to get you ready for the class discussion, I think it's served you well.

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