September 17, 2003

At the end

Swamped at the end of the day. With work. Lots of it. My stuffed E.T. sits on my computer desk, staring into my green eyes with his blue ones: "When are you going to do that Seminar homework?" I answer, "When I am finished here, biding my time blogging about nothing.

Well, I do have something: on my way home from school around 8:00, it was really Blair Witch dark...and I was scared out of my mind. Not from witches, but animals: deer, cats, dogs, opossums--anything that can hitchhike along the road until one car comes zooming past. They think they are getting picked up for a nice ride to town, and all we do is run them over. How like us humans.

I don't want to kill any animal that just wants to go to town. I'm delirious.

All in the day of a commuter.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 17, 2003 8:45 PM
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