September 21, 2003

Auto problemo

Just for everyone following my auto saga, everything is officially "ok". I am back on the big roads once more. Woohoo.

What is it about cars that makes the world of transportation so inviting, so annoying, so downright contradictory? The engines, the shimmer, the parts(and there are many). Everything about them sparks something in every American.

In me, it is mostly fear of trashing the big machine, or indulgence of those enamored by the vehicles. My dad, for instance, loves cars. I have grown up with his enthusiasm, but I lack the ability to change a tire. Why? Because I chose to play with pens, paper, and any kind of cash register available (and now I am a mean cashier-how ironic is that?).

Commuter life has awakened my senses to the need of auto knowledge in my cranium, practical knowledge. I wonder if Seton Hill could sponsor a club for this type of enlightenment? Hmmmm.

Or I could just ask my dad for help again. Poor Daddy.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 21, 2003 5:33 PM
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