September 22, 2003

Assigned blog

For all of you out there that are looking for some witty rendition of Amanda's funny existence, I am very sorry to disappoint, but this is an assigned homework assignment for my class.

If anyone is really interested in my work, check it out. Just let me warn you. it is boring stuff.

1. Who. United Jewish Appeal What. walk-a-thon
When. "this morning" Where. Springfield Why. "Raise money for The Soup Kitchen, a place where the hungry can eat free" How. "sponsoring the first-ever walk-athon"
2. Who. funeral homes What. federal regulation When. "twelve years ago"; Monday Where. nation-wide Why. How."provide itemized list of services and materials they offer,...cost of each item, before a person agrees to any arrangements.
3. "you" leads
A. Waht began 12 years ago with a federal staff investigation, finally led to a Federal Trade Commission rule to prevent funeral home rip-offs; offering you itemized lists of services and materials that funeral homes offer, along with the cost of each item, this ruling will provide you with an established appraisal of funeral costs.
D. Twelve years after its first proposal, a federal regulation goes into effect Monday to insure that you will receive an itemized list of services and materials they offer, along with the cost of each item, before arrangements are made; this new rule will limit cost confusion.
4. On Tuesday, a nuclear weapon, with a 15,000 ton TNT equivalency, detonated in a testing sequence in the Pahute Mesa Desert, Nevada, some 40 miles from a pacifist meeting.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 22, 2003 11:07 AM
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