September 25, 2003

Will and Grace

I don't know what it is about Will and Grace that makes me convulse into giggles, but something does.

Just Jack! hehehe.

From boob tapping between Jack and Karen to designer clothing, I love every part of that show; it doesn't even need the homosexual element (it is a funny attraction though) to be a great show. The writers are amazing.

Tonight is the season premiere. Woohoo! I won't be home. I hope someone will tape it for me. If not, will someone tell me what happened? I hope so.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 25, 2003 5:09 PM

The season premiere wasn't bad. Fairly funny, there have been funnier. Rosie saves Karen's life, then Karen saves her life, then Rosie saves Karen's life. Leo decides to quit Doctors with out Borders and Karen informs Jack and Will that nothing happened between them (from the season finale last season).

Posted by: Brian at September 25, 2003 9:19 PM

Thanks, Brian. I did get to see it. I got home early enough. Loved it.

Agreed on the funniness issue. It could have been better.

I hope to see more of your comments soon.

Posted by: Amanda at September 25, 2003 11:56 PM
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