September 26, 2003

Toynbee connection

While I was reading a Malcolm X piece for my Seminar in Thinking and Writing class I found a very familiar name: Toynbee. Jogging my memory, I discovered this name is being plastered all over Pittsburgh's streets, and across the country.

The Toynbee I fell upon is Arnold Tynbee, an English historian. Malcolm X relates Toynbee's point: "[He] referred to the Europenan geographic area as only a peninsula of Asia. He said there was no such thing as Europe."

Malcolm X was attempting to make his point about race injustice. Could the cryptic message on the "streets of Steel City" (WTAE-TV-Channel 4 News) relate to this Toynbee and his ideologies?

I will keep on searching. If anyone finds anything. Leave a message.

Offering enlightenment: What is it?

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 26, 2003 12:40 PM
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