September 28, 2003

Get up there

Faces you have seen since birth, all looking at you, you are the center of their world for the moment, you are in that place of distinction, you are the entertainer.

I have been the entertainer since I was three years old. My mother saw how I loved acting like Dolly Parton (enhanced breasts and toy guitar), and thought she should steer me down another path that included less boobs and more Baby Jesus.

I began singing with her in church services. We would practice in the car wherever we went.

I still have some of those tapes; they look pretty nasty, sound tinny, but they are wonderful.

I was with my mom and my sister singing for the Lord. I think that was my first religious experience.

Of course, my sister was only two when I began singing in front of people, so her singing was more or less WAAAAAAAAs to the tune. I love looking back at our performances, me attempting to make sense of the words, and her, head back shaking, like Stevie Wonder, just loving the music.

Well, over the years, I began singing on my own, entering into religious competitions, and I strayed from my roots; I began to do it as an activity rather than a practice in my faith.

Today, like every Sunday, I sang in my church band, but I also did a solo. The first one in almost two years. I "got up there". I sang. And I loved it. I wasn't doing it for a competition or something to put on a resume. I was doing it to revive my gift, a gift that I have neglected far too long.

Don't neglect your gifts. I realized while I was up there how precious those moments in the spotlight really are--not only for my ego, but for the benefit of those in the crowd. They are inspired to do something, inspired because of your bravery.

I know growing up, having a career, a family, and whatever else is important, but taking time out to make a difference is critical. Just remember that.

Okay enough of that...hehehe. This is a pretty heavy entry.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 28, 2003 6:59 PM
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