September 29, 2003

Ward's wandering

From cliche to verbosity:

"You are either born with ink in your veins, or you are not."

"ubiquitous access to digitized information, enjoyed by an increasing percentage of the world's population, is a genie that has escaped from the bottle and has no intention of going back."
--Ward's Journalism Online
Ward's writing annoys me, and I have an entire book of his babble. Woohoo!

I give him that he knows what his subject is, that he does have some grasp of online journalism, but that does not make him a good writer, and even more importantly, a textbook writer.

I hope that he will get better.

I am such a spoiled reader, and blogging about my reactions to text is really different from my high school slump-through-it-no-matter-if-you-like-it-or-not-ness.

Ward's mention of interviewing and text/visual presentation does offer some good tips, mostly what I have learned in my Practice of Journalism class.

His message of good reporting for the online communications is very comparable to the traditional forms of journalism, just with "ubiquitous access to digitized information." What pompous language.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at September 29, 2003 11:55 AM

Ah, misuse of language. How egregious! :-)

I am reminded of the time when I brought my automobile in for service, although it was running fine, there was a dashboard light that wouldn't go out. So instead of writing down "runs fine", the mechanic was told by his boss to write down "no drivability issues"

Posted by: Paige at September 29, 2003 7:28 PM
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