October 1, 2003

Lordy, Lordy, here comes Wardy...again

Ward really isn't that bad, but he has kept up on those stupid metaphors:

Imagine you're climbing a mountain and getting instructions from someone who's reached the top...There have been numerous attempts to define how journalists use online resources to assist their research and reporting. But they usually start from the top of the mountain...

nose cone of the rocket
Gimme a break.

The Brit does have some good information on searching though.

The plus/minus and asterisks methods are new to me. The quotes search technique was not mentioned. Is this a new technique?

His mention of mailing lists and newsgroups also makes me want search for one or the other that would fit my interests. I love the comments I get on my blog, and daily messages from a mailing list or newsgroup would provide that every day. It is something to look into.

As for the writing chapter, the ideas expressed are not different from my Practice of Journalism class. The same one idea per paragraph and Inverted Pyramid Style rules apply in both traditional journalism and new media.

Maybe I should have bought one book for both classes and been spared the expense and the crappy metaphors...sorry, I am digressing.

Ward has gotten better though. His advancement from the almost childish language laced with his endless metaphors, to knowlegeable journalistic information (albeit things I am already studying) with endless metaphors, has been welcomed, but quit it with the metaphors--how distracting, not to mention hypocritical when considering his audience and subject.

Maybe he will get better. Eternal optimism will get me through this text.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 1, 2003 12:37 PM
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