October 14, 2003

Hoaxest with the Mostest

Blondes are dying out!!! RIGHT.

In response to the article on blonde extinction, I would just like to declare it a very nice hoax.

With a bit of research on the topic, I found the effort for one scientifically "backed" article false.

It wasn't difficult to do, however. I knew that the story was a hoax because it was listed under the next section of my school syllabus on hoaxes.

The article does appear somewhat credibly. The listing of Jonathan Rees, an Edinburgh professor of dermatology, for example, does lend a certain amount of expertise to the article however, false. A Jonathan Rees cannot be found on the University of Edinburgh website anywhere.

As for news value, well, it caused me to look further into accepting what is printed, which isn't really news to me.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 14, 2003 8:39 PM
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