October 16, 2003

Criminals and Babies

No correlation. Got that.

But in this way, journalism homework and media censorship, it does. Yes, that is right, another journalism assignment for all to enjoy and share with everyone. Just click on the extended entry space for a intergalactic journey into what I do in school.

In the case of crime and the rising and falling statistics throughout the United States, the subject is still a hot topic.

Reporters are still percentagizing the statistics.

I was surprised that in one article by the National Center for Policy Analysis exhibited both sides of the spectrum: Drug Arrests Increase (the bad first), Violent Crime Falls (and the good).

The author of IANS's observations are still correct. The negative, journalist/editor/newspaper pessimism is still alive and kickin'.

Sites like this are not as popular because the American public still desires the bad--for whatever reason. (On the site, they even use quotes from celebrities to make themselves feel more needed. It is really quite funny.)

One article I found faced the topic head-on. It stated that certain "new method of reporting incidents" was the real culprit in a supposed sharp rise in crime in Boston. It vilified the way the media perceives the statistical facts of a crime scene. I really enjoyed reading something from my own searches that exhibited this practice. I recommend this site very much, it brought it all together for me.

And now about illegitimate babies.

I did not find hardly any information on the rising and falling illegitimate birth rates when I searched on Google, just a bunch of charts and tables by abortion activists. That is okay though. It is nice to see that some things in the media can die. Maybe. Or perhaps I was searching in the wrong places.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 16, 2003 11:09 PM
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