October 19, 2003

Forced Blogging: Rape of the Creative Blog Experience?

No. Just a cute title for a homework assignment. Yes, that's right everyone. Another one.

If anyone has any problems coping with boring homework assignments cluttering up this blog or any on the NMJ network please leave a message on this entry. I know how horrid they can be. ;-)

Questions for class that may need further explanation or may just be good conversation topics to while away our time after the presentations in class and to create wonderful questions for the presentors so they do not feel as if we are not listening.

Yes, Mr. Crossman, if you are reading this, that was an intentional run-on/fragmented sentence--for effect.

1. (Concerning Chapter 2) How can reporters attempt to stop editors from assigning stories that do not have much research potential or credibility at all? Can it be done?

2. (Concerning Chapter 3) About the domestic abuse and rape findings, can a better definition be formulated of each? Can either of the definitions be found in law, or be carried out, or is the definition enforced in a case-by-case analysis?

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