October 22, 2003

Quiz revisions

Yeah, I am going to revise my answers to the quiz.

Thank you Dr. Jerz for this option, but Karissa and I are getting very comfortable with the idea of jumping out the window when you say "POP QUIZ".

You do know that EL227's class is four floors up? Though so. Just something to think about...hehehe.

1. If a story claims the no. of people with a particular disease is rising, how might that be good news? It could be good news that the other items on the list, such as stroke or accidents, are declining; therefore, the amount of infectious diseases seems to be rising, when it could simply be the same, lower even, or slightly higher.

2. Give two examples of the same poll question, one designed to be unfair to one side and one unfair to the other.
For school choice:

Against school choice: "Do you favor or oppose allowing students and parents to choose a private school to attend at public expense?"

-focuses more on the cost issue-cut and dry

For school choice:"Do you think that ta dollars should be used to assist parents who send their children to private, parochial or religious schools, or should tax dollars be spent to improve public schools?"

-focuses on the different types and reiterates the words "tax dollars" to accompany the verbs assist and improve, rather than mention that they will be "at public expense".
3. Explain the difference between map and territory.
Map is the distinct truth, what has already been established, what is owned (ie. reality), whereas territory are the reports, the ambiguous accounts by a naturally-biased author.

4. What are hedgehog interpretations?
Hedgehog interpretations are marked by tunnel vision and blind spots, focusing on "one big thing", rather than the entire picture which should provide some indication of a truthful reality.

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