October 30, 2003

Taking on the Law (students)

That's right. The Yale Law School is taking on the entire US Defense Department in a suit, claiming discrimination.

What a great idea! I know that I can't stand the recruiters coming on-campus. And from the article, I gather that they gain access to our personal information from the admissions office. Aren't we still private citizens, even though we are college students?

I know that they are the government, and I do honor the armed forces, but we are in college--the most many of us could offer (full-time students)--at best--are the reserves. Can't they just let us (or me) alone????

However, another topic surfaces in the article, The Solomon Amendment. How can funds be taken away solely for prohibiting the government access to a private college/university? Note *private*. I can understand that in state schools access should be given for the affiliation with the state, but in private schools another realm is breached.

I have spoken to recruiters, though, being the whole white middle-class gal I am, and from what I understand, they go down a list provided--no discrimination employed, but that is just one recruiting office. Who knows what happens in others.

This is a great story that brings up some wonderful questions of what should be legal in college/university student information access. I am interesting to hear from all.

***I have been known to make mistakes in my blog, please forgive me, I am just a middle-class white gal with much potential in the armed forces.*****

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 30, 2003 8:34 PM
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