October 30, 2003

Libel and the Internet

Thanks be to Paige for his coverage of this potential libel suit on the Internet.

I have been wondering how the Internet writings may be construed as libel. Though I am still not quite sure, I think that on the Internet, since identity cannot be pinned down in most cases, libel would be hard to prove because the burden of proof is defense's responsibility.

In EL 227, we are studying Media Law and this was the perfect topic. Check out Paige's blog on this subject, and check back here. I want to hear all about it.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at October 30, 2003 10:14 PM

I'd be most interesting in hearing what your class (and your professor) think, not just because I write a blog, but because I think that what happened in this issue should be grounds for libel; that our society should punish the individuals involved in publishing outright defamatory lies about another person, as it would appear happened here.

Side comment: Amanda says go to my blog, then check back here. I say: download Mozilla 1.5 from http://www.mozilla.org/(this is pretty much what we used to call Netscape) and stop using Microsoft Internet Expolorer. Why? Because with Mozilla, you can view Amanda's blog, see the link to my blog and CTRL-click on it, and you get a new tabbed window open -- in other words, Amanda's blog is still open in one tab and my blog is now open in another tab. Surf anywhere you like, open as many tabs as you want, and Amanda's blog is still right there in that tab. This is the PERFECT tool for surfing blogs. (And Mozilla blocks those annoying pop-ups too). No, I don't get any money from this endorsement, but you get lots of enjoyment from this new way to surf :-)

Posted by: Paige at November 2, 2003 6:57 AM

Thanks Paige for the suggestion.

Posted by: Amanda at November 2, 2003 7:50 AM
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