December 1, 2003

Great points...a little hard to get a hold on

After reading Alterman (a great name for the guy), I went on to Bias, looking for the nasty elements of Goldberg. And I found them. Alterman makes some great points not only about Goldberg, but about Ann Coulter (what a baracuda!) as well, albeit in a string of verbose .

Alterman is right. The conservatives have overrun the networks and overall media.

These "conservatives" however, are more liberal than in the past. That is where the world is going. Where the US was years ago is a different place than where we are today--a given. I think that is where the rhetorical discrepancy is happening. The "liberal media" does not exist, just a bunch of culturally default conservatives banding together appearing to past generations as "liberal". I know many conservatives would be angered with this statement, but it makes sense doesn't it?

Though some people believe a media bias exists, others, such as the Berkshire Eagle referring to the new Reagan movie, believe in an Alterman-like stance.

The Reagan-movie foofarah also distracted the country from the far more damaging media bias in actual news coverage, which is, however inadvertently, deeply pro-Republican and specifically pro-George W. Bush. Conservatives often complain that press and broadcast news coverage of Mr. Bush is not "balanced" and "even-handed" when in fact it is precisely both of those, to a fault.

And so the battle wages on...I don't really know where I stand yet, but I am developing opinions in the politics area very quickly. I stand behind Alterman because of his concrete points and backup information. Sometimes it is all in the way it is presented. I think I'll have to remember that one.

As a good friend of mine once said, "Some people do not have basis, but they can have plenty of bias." Alterton showed the least amount of bias, and I appreciate is a nice refresher from the Goldberg writings. woohoo.

But the world is changing; labeling is not so easy anymore.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at December 1, 2003 12:49 AM
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