February 6, 2004

Show to remember

Karissa and I started the night in grand style: cell phone saber wars. Karissa has a green cell and I have a blue one, we had a wonderful time making Star Wars sounds with our lit cells in the van. Teehee.

Karissa and I saw Rent last night, and I must say that the people who commented on my first entry about the event were correct: it was an amazing show, but it was nothing compared to the after-show escapades.

Though I was confused at certain parts of the show, I got the general gist of the whole thing. I have never seen a modern musical before--I am used to long and melodious ballads, but even the long melodious ballads of Rent were rather twisted (in a good way) by the rock that permeated the entire performance.

Two performers specifically stand out in my mind, a young woman and man singing "Seasons of Love." I get goosebumps sitting here thinking about that high note she belted and the deep richness of the man's baritone that strangely, yet wonderfully, reached into bass land too.

Anyway, the show was great, and everyone had a good time UNTIL-DON DON DON. We tried to find the parking lot and the SHU van. We walked an incredibly long distance from Heinz Hall to the Benedum Center on ice to get to the parking garage--which wasn't even ours. While Karissa and I were freaking out, the entire group seemed unfazed.

"Oh, we are just in the middle of Pittsburgh, and everything is peachy. Look at that cute homeless man. I just love walking on ice." (Just a small indicator of their conversation.)

So we were lost. Where is the garage. Trudging out into the ice/rain mix, we headed back toward Heinz--me in my pretty black HEELS. Thank you, Karissa for saving me when I almost slid into that split in the middle of the street. :-)

People with long legs walk way too quickly, and skinny guys with accents can be cute even when they have lost the van, and especially so when they almost fall getting out to pump gas. hehe. Sorry just thought I would document that moment.

Well we finally found the van, and well, we made two wrong turns and ended up taking an entra half hour to get home. What a night. Special thanks goes out to Karissa and roomie, Mel, for their hospitality in letting me stay over. :-) I was in blogger heaven!!!

Posted by Amanda Cochran at February 6, 2004 10:41 AM

Ah, yes, the ordeal of last night is one that won't soon be forgotten :)

Glad that you had fun, dear. We have to hang out more often :-D

And my dorm room as blogger heaven?! Never thought of it like that before...

Posted by: Karissa at February 6, 2004 7:04 PM
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