February 20, 2004

Call me! A Cell Phone Rant

In response to Miss Julie Young's Setonian article I say speak it sista.

I have seen people that walk around the mall with a phone to their ear, talking to no one--anyone--in an obnoxiously loud voice so everyone will know that they are cool enough to have someone call them.

And I do have a cell. I hate it now. I never wanted it. And my mom and dad can keep an even tighter grip on my personal (almost non-existent) life. I mean, I am staying at home, right? What else do they need? A leash? Well, that is where I come to my point; a cell is the most expensive leash one can have.

I have one of those kyocera-lara-I-don't-know-how-to-spell Virgin Mobile jobbies that cost an arm and literally both of your legs and your personal time--working. And that is a major point of conversation among avid users: the nastiness of paying the huge $700 a month bill for their yapping. Mine is prepaid, but it is still expensive to call, and watching the amount deplete is kind of depressing.

However, there are some benefits. I like the games on my phone--a really slow version of the Atari game Breakout and Tetris.

I miss every call that I get (I put my phone on vibrate for class because I care about my classmates).

And what is going on with the phone sex in front of everyone? Do these people have no sense of propriety or taste? Not that I am so secretive or things to hide, but is it really their business what I am saying to my sister, my mom, or Karissa? (That's right. I am that pathetic. I have the shortest address list in the history of cells.) No. Absolutely not.

So what is my reaction to all this cell phone fluff? Hunker down. Hold on. My phone just rang. :-)

Posted by Amanda Cochran at February 20, 2004 1:59 PM

Glad I could be part of your pathetically short phone book.


Posted by: Karissa at February 20, 2004 5:15 PM

Glad somebody reads me! ;)

Posted by: Julie at February 20, 2004 5:39 PM

what is url? I enjoyed your ------. I do not know what to call it I would call on the cell but it would cost you

Posted by: grandma at February 22, 2004 6:23 PM

(Your grandma is so cute.) Just had to put that out there (what is url?)... cute.

Posted by: Karissa at February 22, 2004 9:47 PM

Grandma this is my blog. Short for web log. I write on here often. I am glad to see you came and commented! Yay! Karissa is my friend from school if you wanted to know. And url is for your website, but to comment you don't have to have one. I put my blog as my url on other people's sites, but you don't have to. Glad to hear from you!

Posted by: Amanda at February 23, 2004 2:08 AM
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