March 2, 2004

Gearing up for the Big Apple

The New York trip is this weekend. I don't know what I am going to do. A play? The Statue of Liberty? Central Park?

I have so many clothes to wash. We all do. The next few days are going to be madness in the Cochran household. We all wait until the last day to do our clothes, overload the poor Whirlpool, and eventually scream at each other for using up all the detergent.

And then back to trip planning. I have been scouring the internet for links to events, but most of them are more than I am willing to pay. If anyone finds anything in a do-able price range. Leave a comment, I have clothes to do.

And what I can't believe is that I am going to be there in a few days. Isn't that funny? When we travel somewhere our lives speed up for a few days, the minutes tick a little more quickly, and then we go home and the clock seems to return to its molasses-in-winter pace. My favorite part about traveling is the day before--the anticipation and excitement of doing something--anthing--that Calgon "takes me away."

This may be really dumb, but why do they call New York "The Big Apple"?

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 2, 2004 6:06 PM

Since I have been to New York these past two years, I have experienced the best vacation that I can say, I ever had! There is an endless amount of activities to do in New York. You are going to have so much fun and I wish that I could go this year, maybe next year. Just to help you out, I looked around the house for my old agenda from the tour guide last year, but I wasn't able to find it. So looking back on my pictures, here is a list of activities to do if you need help finding something to do.

Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty (if not closed), Ellis Island, Times Square, Soho (the best shopping area in all of NY--great deals), Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan area, 9/11 memorial land, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Wall St., Rockefellar Center, The Today Show, China Town (Cheap deals on jewelry, chinese stuff, etc..), Federal Reserve, Central Park (the spot and the statue used in the movie, Home Alone), South Seaport (great shopping mall), Go see a show on Broadway, Greenwich Village (the FRIENDS apartment building is there). Two more things to remind you of in NY: 1. Pick up a NY cheesecake (AHHHHHHHHH :)) 2. Take some pictures of hott firefighters for me! HAVE A FUN TIME BABE!!!!!! I hope this agenda helped you out!!! Take TONS of pictures to!

Posted by: Firefighter Chica at March 3, 2004 11:18 AM

How could I forget... The Empire State Building!?!? It was wonderful, but I doubt your pictures will come out if you go up at night time and take pictures. Make sure you hit the ESB because that was one of my favorite activities to do.

Posted by: Firefighter Chica at March 3, 2004 11:20 AM

Hi, Amanda!! Have fun in NY. You will love it!! I can see you living there one of these days.... Definately see a show on Broadway if you can!! Take lots of pics and make sure Katie doesn't lose my camera!! Love ya!

Posted by: Stacy at March 3, 2004 4:15 PM

I'll make sure. I didn't know she had it! Now we can make digi-pics. Much more practical. Thanks, Stacy. I am sure I will have a good time. Hopefully.

Right now I don't have any expectations, just a bunch of fuzzy imaginings in my head. Let's hope those are exceeded by reality. :-D

Posted by: Amanda at March 3, 2004 6:15 PM
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