March 24, 2004

Commuter gone Resident?

I have been struggling with the decision of coming to Seton Hill to stay next semester. Karissa, great pal that she is, wants me to be her roommate. I want to be, but I don't want to have any student loans.

I went to the financial aid office today and the outlook is grim. Although I would be getting more money from the government (thank you FAFSA), I would still have a grand gap in my money supply.

The benefits of staying here would be phenomenal: a great roommate, no more commutes, and most importantly--a life of my own.

The pros of staying home are my closet, my own room, and free food. Oh, yeah, my family too (but we know how close prolonged contact with them is like).

Seton Hill: freedom.

Home: free.

I don't know. I can't seem to make my parents understand how much I need the freedom, but I don't want to be suffering with the gigantic bill after I graduate.

Anyone care to help solving my residency impasse?

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 24, 2004 12:41 PM

I'm thrilled that you're considering it, obviously, since I'd get an awesome roommate out of the deal. (I can be pretty persuasive, just keep that in mind ;^)

Money is always a problem. I can't say that it's not hard for me to go here and not a state school where I got a free ride... I chose to come here, I live here because it's easier, it's a better experience for me, and because I like it here. Money, however, only enters my mind when I have to pay the bill at the beginning of each semester. After that, I'm pretty sure I won't remember it until I go to pay loans when I graduate...

Unless you're filthy rich or play a sport, it seems that there are always going to be give-and-take situations with money for school. Loans, to me, are inevitable. I pay for everything myself because my parents -cannot- pay for my things. You know that ultimately this is your decision, Amanda. Neither I nor a financial aid appointment can tell you what is going to be best for YOU.

I know that you living on capus would be best for -me-, but that's not who we're concerned with right now. I want you to think things over with YOU in mind, and then let me know your results. Keep me posted. I'll still be your best friend no matter what :^)

Posted by: Karissa at March 24, 2004 1:04 PM


I had to make the same decision. Live on campus or live at home and be a commuter. Ultimately it was my parents that made the decision for me and said that if I stayed at home I wouldn't grow as an individual and I thank God everyday that they did. Living on campus is an experiance in and of itself. You would definetly fit in among our crowd and you would love it. Whatever decision you come to, just keep yourself in mind. Do what you think is best for you..


Posted by: Tiffany at March 24, 2004 9:59 PM

Hey, I have to totally agree with Tiff. Sometimes you have to go away to find out who you are and grow as a person. I think that being a resident will be a big benefit to you. :)

Posted by: Sue at March 24, 2004 10:14 PM

Hey, Amanda!! You never know until you try. Try it out for a semester and if you don't like it, at least you did it and know!! I think it would be a great experience for you. I always regret not going away..... And home is only what 1/2 an hour away? Love you :)

Posted by: Stacy at March 25, 2004 8:24 AM

The problem is that I will probably fall in love with campus life and I won't want to leave. then I will have to come up with oodles of money I don't have.

The almighty dollar.

Posted by: Amanda at March 25, 2004 9:16 AM

Does that mean that there will be an "Online Setonian office" aka your dorm room.

Anyway, as a former resident gone commuter, I can say that campus life was definately the independence that I needed. Now being off campus has the responsibility that I needed. May I suggest you two getting an apartment your senior year? If you look around, many places in Greensburg would be cheaper than room/board if you consider that you will be spliting it.

It is mightly expensive to live on campus, and next year with the sliding price scale for rooms, who knows how much you will pay. Good Luck with your decision.

Posted by: Brian at March 25, 2004 12:21 PM

Its up to you if you really want to live on campus or not, but remember, there will be grants you won't have to pay back, and most loans have a six month grace period. You will have plenty of time to find a job. Also, if you think about it, its worth it just because your education will always be with you. And you also have to think about the fact that someday you will always most likely be in some kind of loan with the bank or whatever, especially if you want to buy a new car or a house. Also don't forget to worry about the present right now as well :) Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday :)

Posted by: Sue at March 25, 2004 12:26 PM

whats money good for if ya don't spend it or go in debt

Posted by: hoffer at March 25, 2004 1:27 PM have to come here...okay? Only because I say so...and you best stay in Brownlee, so that you can come bug me on 3rd floor, because that's just how it is...KAPEESH?

You're a smart girl, I know you understand.

-Mel :)

Posted by: Mel at March 25, 2004 3:53 PM

I have been thinking about doing the whole thing on a semester basis, maybe that won't look so bad...another trip to the financial aid office. Argh.

I hate knowing how poor I am. :-) I guess poorness helps my financial aid package though...

Posted by: Amanda at March 25, 2004 5:20 PM
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