March 25, 2004

Woe to Reuters


The anti-abortion National Right to Life Committee strongly backs the legislation. But the American Civil Liberties Union has called it a "thinly veiled attempt to create fetal rights and further erode women's reproductive rights."

Notice the lack of quotes for the NRLC...Can someone say "biased"?

And what about the issue at hand? They are protecting unborn children and not fetuses. They are the same thing. So if the child is loved, such as in the Laci Peterson case, the child has a right to live and be called "unborn" while an unwanted child from a rape is called a "fetus"? There is something incredibly wrong with this reasoning.

I do understand the whole thing with Laci--that she would have had the child within a few weeks. But when does life begin?

"This issue is not as simple as it seems at first glance," Feinstein said. "Clearly there is a concerted effort to codify in law the legal recognition that life begins at conception."
DeWine's bill applies to an "unborn child" at "any stage of development, who is carried in the womb." The assailant does not have to know that the woman was pregnant.

Any stage in development--that means at one or two months. A woman could be on her way to have an abortion, get killed in a car accident and the person driving could be tried for a double vehicular homicide.

Or in the case of this bill, a woman could be riding down the road on her way to getting an abortion, be driven off the road, beaten to death and the murderer could be tried for a double slaying. Something is really wrong with this picture.

I digress. My original intent was to complain about Joanne Kenen's reporting skills; with a subject as complex as this, give all sides. Do not paraphrase one side's view. Come on.

Maybe I should try to take her job at Reuters someday. :-D But I did something a reporter should never do--give one's opinion. Oh, well. My blog.

*I would like to give credit to my wonderful RTA Michelle Farabaugh for bringing this subject to the surface today in my STW class. She has a way of making us think in our THINKING & Writing course. Great job today, girl. The political cartoons were such a nice change from parenthetical citations (:-() :-D!!!

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 25, 2004 7:40 PM
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