March 27, 2004

Window Treatment

I ripped down my wallpaper. Such an ugly color.

No--I have not gone crazy. And the walls aren't yellow. (The Yellow Wallpaper)

I ripped down the nasty semi-clear frosted plastic coverings (that acted like wallpaper) which have hidden my picture windows throughout the winter. I relished each moment wielding those orange-handled scissors. I ripped and pulled, unstuck and then--Light!!! Twist the lock and yank up the pane. Warm air!

And I am not the only one who is enjoying the lacy curtains billowing gently in the warm breeze. Samson, my fat black-and-white cat is taking it in too. The problem with him though, is that my windows need new screens--he cut them to ribbons years ago, and we have not replaced them, because we know he will do it again. Sometimes he leans out really far, and I am afraid I will be picking him out of the flower bed below. Today, he jumped down from the sill and I thought he had fallen. No, he is just that heavy. Let's just hope he never gets the inclination.

In any case, I like my room better without the screens. He is not the only one that likes to stick his head out the window and watch the sun set or the moon rise or stars poke out.

I think that is my favorite part of my house--those windows. Over the years, I have leaned out and pretended that I was Rapunzel, an astronomer, and poet. If I ever get my own house, apartment, whatever, I want a pretty balcony or terrace.

The windows are placed right above my mother's tea roses. On summer nights, the smell lifts up into my room--unpackaged potpourri.

I write the most in the summer. Get ready bloggers for some very sentimental material. My favorite seasons are upon us.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at March 27, 2004 9:16 PM
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