April 1, 2004

Fishy fitness

From Newsday:

A 365-million-year-old arm bone fossil found in Pennsylvania came from one of the first creatures able to do push-ups, an evolutionary step that was necessary for animals to move from the sea to dry land.

I can see it now...fish pumping themselves to shore. Though I do not put much stock into the ideas of evolution, if true, this would be an incredible sight: a fish doing push-ups all from the beaches to Pennsylvania. They must have been pretty buff to go all that way from the Atlantic. Or was water everywhere? Did they come from the lakes? Not really sure. I guess I will let the Ross Gellars (palentologist on Friends) take care of the details.

And here you thought the only thing in PA was cold weather, colleges, and riled up students that hate or love athletics...

NO! In addition, we have fossilized fish (aren't they amphibians?) with pecs. What joy is mine. Ah, the Keystone State.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at April 1, 2004 5:22 PM
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