April 24, 2004

Framing Five

5. Finished Setonian edits--considerably less than last time. Go writers!!! Though we generally have a problem with punctuation, the content of the articles is solid.

4. I have developed a thesis for my Lit paper. It is on The Awakening and "The Yellow Wallpaper." What do you think?

Though both pieces depict feminist issues relative to the era, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is a better representation of the historical reality at the turn of the century; the protagonistís character development (her submissiveness to her husband), internal struggles (facing the battle of duty to her children and family), and descriptions (real, tinged with cynicism) in Gilmanís piece indicates an environment closer to actuality, an element Chopin's novel lacks.

3. Preparing my stomach for my cousin Amy's wedding shower (the one who leaves comments on the blogs). I am sooo ready for the treats they have planned for us. However, I am kind of scared. My church's hall is known for mice. They are leaving the food up there over night. If only they had bushy tails. Speaking of which, I almost ran over a squirrel today. He was a quick one though. I took it as a good omen for the next week.

2. Attended a leadership conference with Tom Seager. OAs, new RA's and old ones, as well as people that just wanted to become a better leader attended. I loved it. Totalling interactive, and not cheesy at all, which they usually are. (*cough* Connections *cough*). We had a great time playing with play doh, doing icebreakers, and other group activities. My mom did yell at me though for not calling. I didn't bring my cell to school. I sort of got the heat off me when my sis came home late. Pretty pathetic, huh? My younger sister has a better life than me. I am writing this on a Friday night. No. Sat. morning. Gotta get some sleep.

1. Seeing the end and realizing that I am going to make it. I am going to be fine. Really. If I didn't think so, I wouldn't be writing this blog. I am not afraid or overstressed anymore. I am beginning to think again. And find myself. I saw a squirrel today. I haven't been looking for them in weeks. I saw one, really saw it. I let my hair down on my way home from SHU. I hurt my vocal chords mimicking Five for Fighting. Summer is calling me--

Posted by Amanda Cochran at April 24, 2004 1:09 AM

Oo Amanda, i love you! I have slowly began to realize that i am going to make it too. I am taking time to actually read blogs, instead of just blogging and reading later, which also makes me realize that ill be fine. Im taking time out of the masses of work i have due to do my laundry and comment. I too, can feel summer calling, and you know what summer, im ready for you, ill see you there summer, believe me i will. I will miss you dearly, we must exchange cell phone numbers or some such business, so i can keep in touch with you through more than blog comments. I told you we would make it, and thanks for writing this blog, it has given me a little more of a sense of reassurance

Posted by: Lori at April 24, 2004 2:10 PM

Ewwww, blah! I hated "The Awakening." I totally thought it blew and I'm glad she died in the end. After a whole semester long of reading and re-reading that darn book I had to let out a whooping cheer when she went floudering in the ocean. What a fool!

Just my 25 cents. :)

Posted by: Rowdy at April 24, 2004 6:20 PM

An entire semester is a long time to read one relatively short novel. When I have to reread things they get really boring. This is one of my favorite novels because in high school I read it on my own, drawing out my own conclusions, rather than getting input from people that hated it in my class. They can really infect your mind.

No offense.

Just a question: Why a fool? She killed herself to spare her family of her shame. She did one "good" thing for them. At least that is one side of her suicide.

Posted by: Amanda at April 24, 2004 8:38 PM

Suicide to spare a family? Sounds like Death of a Lame-man(Salesman).

Amanda's paper is going to rock. Enough said here.

PS-next person to comment on this post is a munch-kin. Mwahah...So says the code of 6th grade jokes.

Posted by: Puff at April 24, 2004 10:33 PM

I'm no munchkin, let's get that one straight. A six foot tall munchkin would be a bit of a stretch ;^)

I'm happy for you, Amanda. I am. I know that it is going to take me quite a bit of time and patience and planning to get all my work done, but sooner ot later (preferably sooner, I suppose) I'll get it done.

And if your sanity should flee, I'll be around. I'm good company in that state, no? :^D

Posted by: Karissa at April 25, 2004 1:52 PM

I love how you write out a list of items! There is only one week of school left and you're a bright girl, and it seems to me that you are doing fine. Me on the other hand, I am losing my mind and I am sure a lot of people are in the same boat as I am. By the way, I love your catchy and excellent thesis... your paper is going to sound great. Even though I never read the book, The Awakening. Maybe I will have to check that book out over the summer.

Posted by: Firefighter Chica at April 25, 2004 9:36 PM

Definitely! Read it without interruption. It is a great summer book. You get caught up in the dreamy descriptions--one of my points of non-realism.

I loved it. I think you will too. You are going to make it too--just keep pluggin' along.

Posted by: Amanda at April 25, 2004 10:58 PM
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