April 25, 2004

Good kitty gone mad

Samson, my cat, a black-and-white monster, is in my closet right now playing with my hair ties. I think he just flicked himself in the nose with one.

Why all the pandemonium? I think it is from too much sink drinking.

He likes hiding under furniture--wooden furniture--where he can scratch without being noticed. He's a quiet scratcher. Muffled woodpecker with just a tinge of beaver.

He usually goes to sleep 18 hours a day, but strangely he has been nuts the past few days. Is it true what they say about pets looking like their owners? And if so, what about acting like them? Hmmm.

He is now skulking around my room looking for invisible mice. He just sneezed on the dust that hovers around my computer. Now he's under my nightstand, hacking away at my blue carpet.

I love cats. Always have. They have a don't-not-mess-with-me-I-am-infinitely-better-than-you--"lowly commoner" attitude. Admirable in an animal--much better than dogs, like my two dimw;tted cocker spaniels that will drown you in lickage. I like that I have to earn an animal's respect.

I think Samson wants me to go to bed now...I must obey my master.

Whoops. I mean--I'm tired I think I should get off-line so that I can get a good rest for church and paper writing tomorrow.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at April 25, 2004 12:46 AM

Animals sneezes are so great(I want to say "cute" but that might challange my sexuality(insert playful wink))

Cats, dogs, and maybe even guinea pigs are actually being used all over the "healing spectrum" to calm people. Mentally handicapped, physically handicapped, and even just people going through hard spots in their lives find relaxation in having an animal around; petting, walking, and taking care of it.

It's not much to some of us, but to a 12 year old with cancer, it means the world...ANIMALS ROCK!

Posted by: Puff at April 25, 2004 11:31 AM

I miss my two dogs constantly when I'm at school. Their claws clicking on the hardwood floors, their noses nudging my hand to please pet them, their unconditional non-stop love... it's hard to get past that loyalty. I love all animals; I've never had a cat, although I've wanted one. Sadly, I've been allergic most of my life (I'm allergic to -everything-!) so I've never had one. Dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters. I have to say dogs are the best experience I've had with a pet :^) I still want a cat, though. I just know I'll always have dogs, too!

Posted by: Karissa at April 25, 2004 1:56 PM

Yeah, like Karissa I totally miss having my dog around. You really don't really realize how important they are to you until they aren't around anymore. I think once I'm out in the real world on my own, I think I want a cat and a dog (a horse would be nice, but since I'm going to be a teacher I don't think that's going to happen, unless I marry a rich guy, oh well) :)

Posted by: Sue at April 25, 2004 9:02 PM

Update: Samson has gotten considerably more sedate. I think the rainy day did something to his mood.

Posted by: Amanda at April 26, 2004 12:28 AM


While reading about you kitty, I started to miss mine considerably. In the summer of my Junior year my best friend (Little Lady aka Squeaker) of eight years died of breast cancer. I was devastated by her death, but didn't really have time to mourn because I had to pack to leave for Europe the day after she died. Well, later in that year a friend of mine from Tammies said that his neighbors cat was going to have kittens. I begged my mom to let us get one and she did so about 3 months later Ariel came into my life. A small eight week old kitten and absolutely adorable. Now that I am away from home she is really distant to me for a couple of days. It's like she is mad at me for leaving her, but when I do get to see my new best bud and she's not mad at me anymore it's wonderful!


Posted by: Tiffany at April 26, 2004 10:39 AM

make You might find this really cute... but maybe not.. enjoy

Posted by: Tammy Moon at April 27, 2004 4:42 PM

Definitely cute. Though kitties make me happier when they are sleeping at my feet, warming them in this unseasonably snowy weather. Argh.

Posted by: Amanda at April 27, 2004 9:55 PM
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