June 2, 2004

Amanda meets domesticity

I can't cook. I can't bake. I can't clean the house properly. I didn't think I had one domestic bone in my body until yesterday.

My mom was outside looking at the back porch. We recently had some work done on it (that she doesn't like) and we started talking about flowers and such. The "such" was tomato plants that she wanted to put on the nasty side of our house. (Nasty because my neighbor likes mowing grass into our flower bed.)

We did have a garden a few years ago, but my mom took it out when she poured cement for the dog kennel (isn't she amazing?). Now we just have flower beds to plant things. I mean, you could plant in the yard, but my dad would most likely mow them over. I think he feels like some kind of collossus with that mower. Above the roar of the blue demon, sometimes I swear I hear from the window, "Kill the greenery!!! I love running things over!"

Anyway, I mentioned that it would be easy to clean up the entire bed, and the the next day: today, I was volunteered myself to weed out the space. I found three rosebushes. Also, a plethora of worms, wood, and beetles. Gross. But it feels kind of nice when everything is out and you just run your fingers over the top layer of dirt.

Then the storm rolled in. I thought I could finish, but no--I heard thunder. Eventually I did disengage my fingers from the muddy soil and go inside, streaking the front door with a healthy swipe of dirt. Whoops.

Scrubbing my palms and picking thorns out of my fingers, I realized that I should try my mom's gardening gloves. While thus employed, I also discovered that there is something I can and like to do around the house. Literally around it. Indoors is quite a different tale.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at June 2, 2004 5:26 PM

I'm at a loss when it comes to domestic talents. Perhaps mine awaits to be discovered. For now I'll just assume that I need to find a very skilled husband willing to stay home with the kiddies.

Posted by: Lindsay at June 2, 2004 8:18 PM

I think I am going to hook you up with a guy named Andrew from Seton Hill. I was talking with him one day and he said he wants to become a "house husband".

He said the only reason he came to school was to find a wife that will enter the corporate world and support him while he keeps up the house and takes care of the children.

I sat there with my mouth open. I guess it takes all kinds.

Posted by: Amanda at June 2, 2004 10:15 PM

Sure, it takes all kinds. And I'm just the kind that makes recipes with my eyes closed because it'll taste the same if I actually look at the list of ingredients... I'll quote a keychain from Tiffany--my only domestic quality is that I live in a house.

Maybe I'm not -that- bed, but you know what? I really think that being good at "house" things is highly overrated. Guys can be good at that sort of stuff, too. We're allowed to have differnt strengths--this is the 21st century :^)

Posted by: Karissa at June 2, 2004 10:47 PM


You are more than welcome to come over and pull out weeds and such at our house, my mom cordially invites you! I love planting flowers, but my best talent is cooking! :-)

In your spare time now, you can blog and garden!

Posted by: Firefighter Chica at June 3, 2004 12:55 PM
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