July 22, 2004

Sentiments from a sentimental

Be aware or Beware that you may need an airplane bag when you read this.

When I get past my birthday (my self-proclaimed high point of the summer), I like to reflect on all I have actually done--the things I will remember when I start seeing the leaves turn.

This summer has been better than many of my life. I think I have been happy. But then, I knew I would be.

Anyway, while swimming today, looking up periodically at my angelic charges, this thought surfaced once more into my head. One more summer, again my mind dulled by the beauty I have slipped under--a drug that only cold can remedy. What, in these months--the weeks slipping past--have done to note?

I regret to inform all that I have not done much, at least academically, which does make me feel a bit wasteful of this quiet time. My mind is dormant. Will I be ready to face that first assignment?

However, so much has happened. Scenes flicker through my memory and I realize that I would want to do it all again; but alas, Life doesn't have a rewind or pause button.

I feel caught between two worlds that I love equally. Can they coexist? I hope with all my heart.

As for the scenes that linger, I note these:

Literally, frolicking in the grass, spinning so much in the dark that all you can see are the stars in a frosty swirl.

Green, green water inching closer--so slowly and yet so quickly when I leaped, the screams my own, mingled with my girls'. The rocks scraping my toes as I fought to kick and surface.

Bologna and cheese sandwiches 3 days a week. The only thing I have expertise in--well, that and soup, if I am very careful.

Watching strawberry ice cream trickle down Alyssa's little brown hands; her pink mouth covered with rainbow sprinkles, weakly attempting to cease the mess's progress.

Holding close because you are breaking apart, and the only thing holding you together are those arms, encircling your own.

Flowered sheets flapping, the sun blotted out: a private sanctuary among the linens.

As of now...no leaves have fallen yet.

Posted by Amanda Cochran at July 22, 2004 2:20 AM
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